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I might rather feel married to a person which makes significantly more than me personally, is actually a supplier, leads myself, comforts myself

I might rather feel married to a person which makes significantly more than me personally, is actually a supplier, leads myself, comforts myself

The cherished performer Mo’Nique possess thanked and recognized this lady equal Whoopi Goldberg for welcoming their to show up on the hit tv show ‘The see.’

Using to your tv series to address the issues she is facing within Hollywood, Mo’Nique replied issues presented to the woman by their hosts and shared the lady unwillingness permitting herself getting bullied possess seen the lady become a persona non grata in sectors she used to be welcomed in.

Whatever you didn’t discover?

How it happened whenever Whoopi taken Mo’Nique into the lady dressing space to show that she was being misled and manipulated.

Whoopi is actually yet to respond.

Though some may just be sure to rotate this development into an adverse one, we’re happy to hear that Mo’Nique gets admiration and information from performers like Goldberg that have confronted similar predicaments.

Alas, not everyone seems Whoopi is the best individual advise Mo’Nique.

THANKS of these genuine terms & practical sentiments

Ebony folks whine about anything they not be contented we realize there clearly was inequality in society men and women name whoopie a koon but whoopie stays wealthy and have a career monique has actually a entitle mentality hence’s why nobody will continue to work together atlanta divorce attorneys area of community there is employers paying your for just what a career will probably be worth very 5000000 bucks is better than absolutely nothing immigrants come start out with little then build-up to anything and never whine this heifer was insane that’s exactly why blacks remains at the end and all sorts of different competition growing and outpacing all of them in every single additional section of society remain moaning that’s what the white everyone loves observe

Talked like a real dummie!!

I realize what you’re thinking simply she is not an immigrant the woman is a Oscar winner traditionally Oscar winners Caucasian Oscar winners receive a lot of money the least 20 million for movie since Julia Roberts 12 million was the cap for Halle Berry. Very while she is hard to utilize a factor stays she’s amusing and gifted and really does the lady job better should she alongside black colored ladies not settled a premium price

Their similar Mo is during a cult labeled as Daddy

Facts! She must divorce your or shoot him as the woman management. Companies and enjoyment don’t blend. He is certainly the matter.

Everybody’s already been saying that, plus it’s so best shown.

I agree. We can’t sit they whenever a person steadily acts like a b|tch, speaks like a b|tch, and it has b|tch techniques. Monique’s husband is a fairy queen. units me personally, and checks me once I must be checked in place of a man with way too much b|tch in your.

Talked like a genuine hoteptress. Lemme estimate? You’re unmarried correct?

Rhea I do perhaps not know what a “hotepress” is actually however you include incorrect. I was married now for the last 5 years to my personal soul mate. Way too many women today are too satisfied add to their man but i like it and like getting with a guy that adore myself personally. Within my quarters my husband try king therefore the biggest carrier and I am his king.

They r not colleagues. Whoopi is a legend to gp/mainstream. Monique are an urban legend

I possibly could perhaps not view the complete podcast because Monique are incorrect here become airing out Whoopi’s information. We agree with Whoopi that Monique’s fairy king partner enjoys controlled the woman and ruined the lady job plenty the scratches may be permanent. They might be so concerned about are “right” as opposed to making an impression in black feminine funny going a lot more traditional and eating their family. I suspect Monique knows this woman is not too amusing, the woman stand up market are lightweight, and her trophy spouse would create their if she demoted Jim to just babysitter very she actually is trapped on these find sugar daddy not successful efforts at relevance disguised as “I’m being blackballed” and “I’m right here for equivalent wages in hollywood.” No Monique you might be about yourself and most folks examine your own BS and fixation with sensation you will be “right.”

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